STS Pack Holding Ltd.

“STS Pack Holding” Ltd produces laminated tubes since 1998 as a branch of “STS Holding Group” company. The laminated tubes factory becomes an independent company in 2003 in Gabrovo.

“STS Pack Holding” Ltd produces laminated tubes with diverse design, different capacity from 5 ml to 250 ml and diameter from 19 mm to 50 mm. The company manufactures high quality laminated tubes from ABL (aluminum-barrier layer) and PBL (plastic-barrier layer) foil.

  • The laminated tubes are suitable for a wide scale of industrial products as:
  • cosmetics and products for personal hygiene: tooth paste, hair color, creams, conditioners, shampoos;
  • food: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, different sauces, jam and preserve, chocolate cream;
  • chemical products: cleaning products, biocides, shoe dye;
  • technical products: different analgesics and antiseptic creams and ointments;

The used modern equipment allows the production of laminated tubes with a great variety of sizes.

The production capacity: 10 million tubes per month.

In the middle of 2010 the company opened a workshop for clean technology production for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

The production is characterized by a high-technology complexity that requires specialized techniques and high quality specialists. It is ecologically clean. The used high quality aluminum laminate is from leading world producers which guarantees excellent barrier qualities. A warrant for the sterile look of the tubes is the high quality print we offer. The design of the tubes is developed according to the client’s project. Also an overall service is done: project idea, pre-print preparation, print. We offer print of up to 6 colors + protective varnish cover of:

  • white base (white laminated folio);
  • hologram base;
  • natural (grey) base.

The tubes are put to the test so that their abilities to satisfy all user and normative requirements are guaranteed. The components and the finished products are submitted to a microbiological analysis in accredited laboratory: the shape, the size and the strength of the produced tubes are put under control. Thanks to the high quality of the production the factory successfully competes with the approved producers in the field.


Stancionna 14 St.
5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (66) 817 150
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Fax: +359 (66) 817 162
GPS: N 42.881029 / E 25.317231