Mechatronica SC

Mechatronica S.C. is located in the town of Gabrovo which is in the geographical centre of Bulgaria. The town has rich history and is famous for the enterprising spirit of its citizens. Gabrovo developed as an economic center at the beginning of the last century. Nowadays it is one of the most developed industrial regions in Bulgaria.

Mechatronica S.C. was established in 1961 to solve complex technological problems in machine-building, electronics, food industry, etc. The equipment designed and produced is intended for ecological technologies, energy saving, reliable process control.
The company was specialized in 3 main activities till 2000:

  • metal melting sets
  • PVC foil welding sets
  • ultrasonic cleaning equipment
After 2000 the market situation in Bulgaria changed and the company turned its efforts to another type of unique technological equipment – Lines for Production of Laminated Tubes and Tube Filling Automatic Machines.

Development, design and manufacture of these machines are realized entirely in our plant. Our small team constantly expands its knowledge and experience. Our goal is not only to sell a machine to a client but to solve his technological problems related to the organization of laminated tube production. In this respect we have established contacts with producers of materials necessary for making the laminated tubes – foil, shoulders and caps. We give these contacts to our clients in order to solve quickly and easily their materials delivery problems.

Presently Mechatronica SC is a modern machine-building plant with high-qualified staff capable of solving any problem related to packaging.


7, R. Daskalov St.
5301 Gabrovo, Bulgaria
GPS: N 42.540315 / E 25.192853
Phone: +359 (66) 817 514
Phone: +359 (66) 817 512
Fax: ++ 359 66 817 501