An example from the practice

Our first contact with Cisco was made with the purchase of equipment which helped us solve the network and communication problems in the company’s offices. Subsequently, we once again obtained equipment from Cisco, with whose help we connected all of our offices through company channels, and thus in practice we were working in one network. The next stage was the purchase of a rooters which connect the company to the Internet and provide security, as well as IP telephones, which gave us cheaper, better quality calls inside the company and especially between the remote offices. At the moment we rely on these solutions for everything – thanks to them video, IP telephones, and access control is possible. And we know that we can overbuild anytime additional components to what we already have.

Safety and reliability on good price
We chose Cisco for several reasons. However, the most important ones are three – the safety, the reliability and the optimisation of expenses in the company. When you go from older to newer technologies, it is only natural that these criteria orientate people.
You choose Cisco solutions so that you don’t have to think of others.

And Cisco definitely corresponds to them – once tuned, the system works flawlessly. It is just those indexes that build the company reputation. We first heard of those solutions from friends and IT manager colleagues. And the more Cisco solutions we implemented in our activity, the more untroubled our work became.

A well-working organism

The Cisco equipment and the company’s decisions optimised the entire work of the company in a very interesting way. First, from an IT point of view a system was obtained which “lives” and is very easily maintained. Thanks to Cisco we have a trustworthy and reliable connection between offices, as well as an optimisation of expenses from the point of view of the telephony and the safety devices. With that investment we strived for several goals – with the upcoming entering into the European Union all companies should be prepared for the way people work there. That is why the communication should not be something that continuously comes out on the agenda and whose maintenance requires constant investment of funds. It should simply work. Due to that I am very pleased with our investment and I will advise every IT manager to follow our example. And not only the IT managers – any company that does not have its own built IT department should find a way and buy such solution, because it guarantees decrease of expenses and “quiet sleep”. You choose Cisco solutions so that you don’t have to think of others.

The freedom to work
One of the biggest priorities that Cisco gave us is the freedom of the reliable wireless connection. Now each one of our employees works from anywhere, in any of our company offices and through the provided VPN connection even from home, which is definitely a huge facilitation. On the other hand, all of that is supported by the safety which Cisco technologies provide.
We can overbuild anytime additional components to what we already have.
The very fact that we are less worried about the sudden attacks through the Internet, as well as the possibility of our employees to use the Internet anywhere, to be current anytime, to offer competitor offers to our clients, without being “tied” with cables, is enough of an argument. We are entering Europe and there the reliability and safety are very important. A business should not stop because of burnt equipment or because of communication problems. We performed multiple tests and we are convinced that only Cisco has flawless technologies which allow the building of a vital infrastructure and encryption of wireless connections. Besides, Cisco solutions are appropriate for our small offices, where something cheap is needed, as well as for our big agencies, where due to the load and functionality, that equipment’s requirements are even higher. With Cisco equipment the business effectiveness of our company has increased. I could also say that it made our company more mobile, more competitive and more prepared for the European markets’ requirements.

Plamen Ilarionov

Assistant executive director, STS Invest Holding SC

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