STS Holding with 50% profit growth

STS Holding Group Ltd realized 675 thousand lv. (BGN) net profits for 2008 which is 50% more that the juxtaposed period of 2007, company data show.

The net sales decrease with 0,4% to 11,9 million lv. (BGN) for 2008. The main activity of the company from Gabrovo is the production of cosmetics, basically hair dyes as well as tooth paste, shampoos, hand, face, feet and body creams, cleaning lotions, shaving foam and others. The company also controls daughter companies which have sale of less than 50 thousand for 2008.

The private capital of STS Holding Group Ltd at the end of 2008 is 2,58 million lv. (BGN) and the liabilities are for 4,64 million lv. (BGN). The company’s partners are 5 individuals with Miroslav Hinkov having the biggest share of 26.7%. The same are the owners of STS Solar SC, which realizes 1,3 million lv. (BGN) profits for 2008.

The expenses on the remunerations of the STS Holding’s staff are increasing with 17% to 880 thousand lv. (BGN) for 2008.

The main competitors from the home producers are Aroma, Rubella and Rosa Impex. 89,22% of the production is exported to Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Spain, Check Republic, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and others.

In 2008 investments for 593 thousand lv. (BGN) are realized.