Engineer Rosimir Stanchev Mateev, Manager of STS Solar:

STS Solar is established in the beginning of 2007 with the idea that in the near future the solar power will become one of the major power sources. The company’s aim is to offer the clients that future today – to serve the investors, who see new possibilities in the production of ecologically clean and renewable power.

The company is proud to have a team of excellent professionals, leaders in the innovations and in the realization of different avant-garde projects.

The STS Solar Company which is engaged with delivery and assembly of equipment for solar power stations, announced a net profit of 153 thousand lv. (BGN) for the last year, is clear from its annual reports.

STS Holding Group Ltd realized 675 thousand lv. (BGN) net profits for 2008 which is 50% more that the juxtaposed period of 2007, company data show.

The flex printing machine worth 2 890 000 lv. is the newest acquisition of STS “Print” in Gabrovo. The equipment is purchased as a result of a project won under the Operational program “Bulgarian Economy Competitiveness”. The gratuitious financing under that program is within the frame of 20% of the total value of the purchase.